Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes

Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes

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Who We Are

Having a child diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming at first. There is much to learn, and the routines of childhood — play, sleep, meals — suddenly require far more planning and preparation. Families often feel a loss of freedom and spontaneity, alongside hope and determination to do everything possible for their child.

The Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes recognizes that managing diabetes in children is about more than food and insulin. We pay equal attention to the medical and emotional needs of our families — creating treatment regimens that meet their individual needs and cultures and empowering them through education and advanced technology. Because needs change as kids grow, we build lifelong relationships with our families, making sure our patients continue to get the best care at every stage, from infancy through young adulthood.

What We Offer

  • A full-service team that brings pediatric and adult endocrinologists, certified diabetes educators, a psychologist, a social worker, dietitians and nursing staff under one roof. Our experts share a passion for helping children with diabetes.
  • An emphasis on advanced technology, including insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors. We offer regular classes and one-on-one sessions to help families choose and master the latest technology.
  • A designated case manager, who is also a certified diabetes educator, to coordinate care for each family.
  • A kid-friendly center with a Wii Fit game station and art room in the waiting area, plus convenient parking behind the center.
  • A Transition Program that prepares teens to manage their diabetes independently. Our staff includes physicians specializing in adult diabetes care, giving patients the option to simply switch physicians and continue receiving care in our program well into their 20s.
  • A Celiac Program for patients with both type 1 diabetes and celiac disease, which allows patients to see both their diabetes team and a pediatric gastroenterologist in one visit.
  • An active clinical research program with an emphasis on immune modulation therapy to prevent or cure diabetes, stem cell research to generate Beta cells, and research on optimizing use of current device technology and diabetes data.

What Families Say About Us

"It's hard to explain the feeling I get just walking into the Madison Clinic. It's like all of the stress goes away and I feel my daughter is safe and in good hands. Whatever problems we have, you immediately know how to fix, and know what to say."

"Everyone is so very kind and helpful... like family."

  • Nationally ranked in pediatric diabetes care (U.S. News & World Report)
  • Center of Excellence for diabetes research

Our Locations

Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes
1500 Owens St., Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94158

Phone: (415) 514-6234
Fax: (415) 353-2811
Email: [email protected]

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Limited Saturday appointments available

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