Requesting records through MyChart

Pediatric medical records are available in MyChart. You can access your child's records and download PDFs of the records for free.

To access the medical records of a child under the age of 12, you must first establish your own MyChart account and then fill out and submit a proxy authorization form. You can do that through MyChart. Go to Menu → Sharing → Proxy Center - Request Family Access. Approval will appear in your MyChart account in one to three days. Once approved, you can access all your child's medical records.

If your child is 12 to 17, you need their proxy approval to access their medical records. Your adolescent can provide approval either through a proxy form or through their own MyChart account.

Pediatric patients 12 and older can have their own MyChart account, which they can use to access all their medical records. Even with proxy approval, however, parents and guardians of adolescents won't have access to information related to sensitive services, such as screening and treatments involving reproductive health and certain mental health and substance use issues.

To access your adolescent's health records via MyChart, download and complete one of these proxy authorization forms: