At UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals, we strive to make your child’s and your whole family’s experience as easy as possible. Recognizing that a hospital visit can be stressful and overwhelming, we offer many amenities to make your time here more comfortable.

Family Resource Center

Our Family Resource Center is here to support any parent who has a child in the hospital. We are a source of information, comfort and respite – a quiet place where adult family members can accomplish tasks while remaining near their children. Parents can use the center to do online research, access reading materials, find local resources, learn about navigating the hospital system and more. The center also stocks sundries, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, that families may need. Both our San Francisco and Oakland hospitals offer these services.


Our family lounges are quiet, comfortable places for family and friends to relax. Accompanied by an adult, siblings coming to visit can wait in a lounge until a nurse is able to check them in.

  • At the San Francisco hospital, family lounges are located on the third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors.
  • At the Oakland hospital, family lounges are located on the third, fourth and fifth floors. The third- and fourth-floor lounges are also available for sleeping.

The San Francisco surgical lounge is a check-in and waiting area for patients who will be staying overnight after surgery, as well as for their family members and friends. Our Guest Services staff provides amenities for those waiting and updates on patients during surgery. Your child's surgeon may connect with you and your family in the lounge after the procedure. Please don’t bring food or beverages into the lounge as a courtesy to surgery patients, who are required to fast. The San Francisco lounge is located on the second floor. It is open Monday through Friday, 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call (415) 476-0343.

The Oakland surgical lounge is located on the third floor and is always open.


Most of our pediatric hospital units have mini-kitchens, equipped with a microwave and ice dispenser, for families to use. Juice, milk, ice cream, fruit ice pops and graham crackers are provided as snacks. You're welcome to store food for your child in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Please label all items with your child’s name and the date. If your child has a condition affecting the immune system, be sure to check with your child's doctor or nurse regarding any food you provide.

Showers and laundry

We have showers and laundry facilities that families may use. Please bring your personal toiletries from home. If you forget something, you’re welcome to visit the Family Resource Center.

Breastfeeding facilities

Breastfeeding rooms equipped with breast pumps are available for your convenience. Please ask your nurse or lactation consultant for any equipment, labels or instructions you need. Refrigerators and freezers are available for storing breast milk.

Sleeping accommodations for parents

At our San Francisco campus, we encourage parents to stay with their children. All patient rooms have a dedicated family area equipped with a sleeper sofa and locking storage cabinets, as well as wireless high-speed internet service. Because space is limited, please plan for only one parent to stay overnight.

When the hospital stay will last more than a few days, we will do our best to assist your family with finding housing options. The social worker assigned to support your child can provide you with information on short-term lodging in the area. Both our San Francisco and Oakland locations have facilities nearby that offer free or low-cost housing to eligible families during a child's treatment at UCSF.

Food services

To provide healthy, convenient dining options for patients, visitors and staff, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals operate cafes and cafeterias at all our campuses. Room service meals are available to parents and visitors for a nominal fee. Get more details about our food services