Parents are a crucial part of their child's care team. Below, we've listed a few tips for parents to help ensure that your child's transport to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals goes smoothly.

  • Remain at your home hospital with your child until the transport team arrives, so you can fill out the necessary paperwork.
  • We understand that being separated from your child during this time is very stressful. However, due to space constraints in medical transport vehicles, you may not be able to accompany your child during the transport.
  • If your child is transported by ambulance, you may follow the ambulance in your personal vehicle at a safe distance. Please don't follow closely; driving within 300 feet of the ambulance creates a hazardous situation for you and your child.
  • For directions to our campuses, see Locations & Directions.
  • If you need help arranging your own transportation to UCSF, ask a social worker or discharge planner at your home hospital for assistance.
  • UCSF pediatric social workers are available to provide counseling during this difficult time as well as to help with issues such as lodging and insurance coverage. You may ask to speak with a social worker upon arriving at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals.