Our Family Resource Center supports parents who have a child in the hospital. We serve as a source of information, comfort and respite – a quiet place where adult family members can accomplish tasks while remaining near their children. Parents can use the center to do online research, access reading materials, find local resources, learn how to navigate the hospital system and more. Both our San Francisco hospital and our Oakland hospital offer this amenity for families.

Center for Families in San Francisco

The center is staffed by volunteers, as well as parent liaisons who run the Parent Support Program, a peer-to-peer group that helps families navigate the hospital system. The center also hosts support activities, such as a weekly walking group and a parent discussion roundtable.

The center features:

  • Computers with internet access, printers and fax machines
  • Phones, a phone-charging station and a private room for making calls
  • A lending library of health-related books and magazines for both adults and children, as well as newspapers and general interest magazines
  • Information about local transportation, parking, hotels and restaurants
  • Beverages, such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Parent wellness resources
  • Toiletries, detergent, art supplies and other personal items

Family Resource & Information Center (FRIC) in Oakland

The FRIC is staffed by volunteers, with bilingual staff members available most days to help families who speak only Spanish. They can provide information on support groups and community resources, as well as local restaurants, shops, laundry services, transportation and recreation.

The center features:

  • Cell phone charging
  • Computers for family use
  • A scanner and a fax machine
  • Access to an online library of books, magazines and parent education videos
  • Print books and magazines
  • Toiletries, supplies for arts and crafts, pens, pencils and notepads, puzzle books and playing cards (availability of these items may vary)