When children are sick, their blood sugar levels may go up, or if the illness causes vomiting, sugar levels may drop. It's important to check blood sugar and ketone levels often on sick days.

When your child is sick, please follow these instructions:

  • Check blood sugar levels and ketones every two to three hours. Keep checking ketones until they are negative twice in a row.
  • Continue giving insulin. Children may need less insulin during illness, but they still need it – even if they can't eat.
  • If your child is vomiting, offer small amounts of fluids frequently. Try giving 1 teaspoon of fluid every 10 minutes. If your child tolerates it, gradually increase the amount each hour, switching between beverages with sugar and without. If your child isn't vomiting, try giving 1 cup of fluid every hour. Options include water, tea, broth, Gatorade, juice, frozen ice pops and soda.
  • Call your child's diabetes care provider, if needed. If your child can't take in fluids, is vomiting, or has moderate or high ketone levels, call us at one of the clinics below, depending on where your child receives care.