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Each young patient has unique needs. That's why UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals have established special programs to supplement your child's medical care, provide support for a complex aspect of treatment, or address a rare disease. Our programs are customized for the developing bodies and minds of children. They're also family-centered, meaning they address not only the needs of our patients but also those of their families.


Center for Applied Genomics (CAG)

Research here focuses on discovering the genetic causes of childhood diseases and translating those findings into medical innovations.

Center for Nature & Health

We are pioneers in integrating outdoor activities into the care of children from vulnerable populations. Read about our research, resources and more.

Early Anatomy Evaluation Program

UCSF offers advanced prenatal imaging to evaluate fetal development and identify abnormalities early in pregnancy.

Fetal Neurology Center of Excellence

Our specialists, leaders in the new field of fetal neurology, can provide prenatal diagnoses of birth defects that may affect the baby's nervous system.


Hypospadias Treatment Center

UCSF's hypospadias team includes pediatric surgeons who repair this common birth defect of the penis and other experts who are researching possible causes.


Immunogenetics & HLA Lab

HLA typing, HLA antibody I.D. and post-transplant engraftment monitoring services for pediatric patients are offered at this licensed laborarory.


Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

UCSF physical and speech therapists help hospitalized children in need of rehabilitation build life skills in our family-friendly facilities.


Molecular Diagnostics Lab

This laboratory uses technologies and procedures to evaluate infectious disease, inherited disorders, oncogene copy number and other gene abnormalities.

Molecular Genetics Lab

We offer state-of-the-art genetic testing along with a team of pediatric experts who provide comprehensive interpretation of test results.

Neonatal Cardiovascular Center of Excellence

The Neonatal Cardiovascular Center of Excellence at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals cares for premature and critically ill newborns with complex heart conditions.

Novel Interventions in Children’s Healthcare Program

The UCSF Novel Interventions in Children’s Healthcare Program supports families of kids with complex medical conditions. Learn more.


PlaySafe Sports Medicine Outreach Program

Experienced UCSF sports medicine doctors and athletic trainers help high school student-athletes avoid sports injuries. Find out more.

Project Empowerment: Dynamic Determined Divas

Serves Black transgender women of all ages and Black cisgender women ages 50 and up, with emotional wellness, peer support and financial empowerment programs.