The Fetal Neurology Center of Excellence is a consulting service focused on before-delivery detection of birth defects affecting the baby's nervous system. We care for expectant parents when an ultrasound shows brain or spine abnormalities or reveals injuries or problems in other parts of the body that may affect neurological development. Patients are also referred to us when genetic testing identifies a nervous system disorder or when they have a family history of neurological disease. Ours is one of only a few programs in the nation dedicated to fetal neurology.

Our team of pediatric neurologists and neuroradiologists are leaders in the relatively new field of neonatal neurology. As part of the UCSF Fetal Treatment Center, we have access to advanced resources and expertise. That allows us to complete our evaluations quickly and provide answers to help expectant parents navigate this stressful time.

We review all prenatal test results and may order additional tests, such as a fetal brain MRI or rapid whole genome sequencing. Once we make a diagnosis, we meet with you either in person or through a telehealth video visit to explain the results, answer your questions and provide counseling. We may help you develop a care plan for your pregnancy and delivery, as well as for any specialized care your child may need. With some conditions, early treatment can make a critical difference. Our goal is to support you in making informed decisions that are right for you and your family.