Single-Ventricle Home Monitoring Program

Babies with single-ventricular heart defects often need a series of corrective surgeries, starting soon after birth. The Single-Ventricle Home Monitoring Program allows you to safely care for your little one at home between the first procedure and the second one several months later.

While you're at home after the first surgery, your baby's heart is working twice as hard as normal. Our home monitoring program is set up to anticipate problems and support you through this vulnerable time.

You'll be fully trained and provided with tools and resources for monitoring your baby's well-being. These include round-the-clock access to a cardiac specialist, devices for measuring vital signs daily, and more.

Our program offers parents:

  • In-depth teaching and care training before you take your baby home
  • 24/7 access to the attending cardiologist
  • A home scale and other tools for daily recordings of weight, heart rate, oxygen saturation and feedings (unusual readings trigger a page to a doctor)
  • Weekly phone calls with our advanced practice nurse
  • Video consultations
  • Support from a nutritionist, as needed
  • Weekly updates for you and the referring cardiologist, documented in your baby's medical record

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