Medical guidance and education is provided by our international adoption pediatrician before you travel to the country to meet your child and/or finalize the adoption. This covers physical and emotional issues, and includes:

  • Specific medical concerns
  • Blind referrals (for referrals with no medical information provided)
  • In-country laboratory services
  • Medical preparations for the child
  • Needed medicines, dosages and transition needs
  • Feeding needs
  • Milestones
  • Books and other supportive resources

Children exhibit a range of typical reactions that can be anticipated. As adoptive parents, you can be more helpful to your child if you have a basic understanding of the child's behavior. Similarly, feeding and sleep issues can be anticipated, and, to some extent, modified. (For example, if your child is sick when you arrive, you may have questions about how to assess a common illness and whether you need to give your child medication. We will discuss illnesses you may encounter and appropriate medication treatments.)

Be prepared

If you are preparing to bring your child home, you may have many questions about necessary travel preparations. We encourage you to be as proactive as possible to educate yourself. Ask your agency, browse the internet, and talk with other experienced adoptive families.

In-travel consultations

During your travel, our doctors can answer any medical, developmental or behavioral questions. We're available by telephone, email and fax during regular business hours, or by prior special arrangement. These consultations are offered as part of the pre-adoption and post-adoption assessments and do not come with an additional fee.