In terms of dollars spent for professional time, the cost of our careful and meticulously detailed evaluation is one of the best bargains in healthcare.

Making an informed decision about a referred child, establishing a medical baseline once your child is home, or developing treatment recommendations when concerns arise down the road are invaluable investments in the health of your child and your family.

Our clinic works on an out-of-pocket payment basis. Fees are due at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and personal checks.


We provide documentation of services and the codes for diagnoses that insurance companies use to determine reimbursement. Most insurance policies don't reimburse much for "adoption evaluations." Reimbursement requests for pathological diagnoses (e.g. iron deficiency) tend to be more successful. While an HMO plan often does not reimburse, a PPO plan may provide some reimbursement. These payments are based on CPT codes and ICD-9 diagnoses.

We encourage you to contact your medical insurance provider regarding possible coverage—don't hesitate to ask questions to confirm eligibility. Due diligence may prove worthwhile.

Laboratory Costs

Reimbursements are dependent upon your insurance plan.

  • Most PPOs will cover the cost of any lab work done through Children's Hospital Oakland, but some have exclusive contracts with other laboratories.
  • HMO plans differ. Generally only your primary care physician can order lab tests that are reimbursable. Often they are done with a company's laboratory contract. The good news is that, if asked, many HMO pediatricians agree to order appropriate tests.

Referrals to Specialists

Many of these visits are covered by insurance. If you are insured through an HMO, referrals usually need to be made by your primary care doctor in order to receive proper reimbursement.

International Adoption Fees

Pre-Adoption Evaluation

$400 per child without video
$500 per child with video
Additional $100 charge may be included for each additional 15 minutes of video review or portion thereof

This service includes:

  • Pictures
  • Medical records
  • Review of videotape – 15 minutes or less (if available)
  • Any additional materials or documentary information. Includes a written report of findings & 30 minute consultation (either by phone or in-office)

Documents should be translated prior to sending.

Telephone consultations in English with other physicians, social services or healthcare staff (i.e. orphanage personnel) are available upon request.

Ask for Telephone and translator fees and charge information beforehand.

Pre-Travel Consultation

$50 Document preparation
$50 Prescription preparation

This service includes:

  • Individual/family consultation for pre-travel needs – approximately 1 hour
  • Preparation of letters and documents for adoption travel
  • Prescription preparation without full consultation

In-Travel Consultation

No Charge

This is a continuation of a pre-travel appointment or prior to a confirmed post-adoption service.

Post-Adoption Medical Examination

$540 per child

This service includes:

  • Review of medical records 
  • History of medical concerns
  • Detailed physical examination
  • Determination of immunization status
  • Detailed summary of findings, and recommended plan of care prepared for your insurance reimbursement

Post-Adoption Neuropsychological Assessment (New Arrival)

$400 per child (0-23months)
$560 per child (2-4 years)
$720 (5+ years)

This service includes:

  • Review of pre-adoption medical screening results
  • Parent interview about developmental, emotional, and behavioral concerns
  • Formal testing of cognitive, motor, and language development
  • Play and behavior observations
  • Detailed summary of findings, including age equivalents, recommendations for how to encourage development, and referrals to early intervention specialists when needed

Follow-Up Neuropsychological Assessment

$160 per hour, per child

This is a follow-up assessment to the new arrival, neuropsychological evaluation, in order to track development and adjust treatment recommendations overtime.

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment

By arrangement

This is an in-depth assessment for the child that has been living with their family for an extended period of time.

Specific Issue Consultation

By arrangement

Consultation with our adoption pediatrician or pediatric neuropsychologist about specific concerns at any point after your child is home.

Adoption Education

By arrangement

This service includes:

  • Workshops, seminars, training 
  • Conferences, symposiums, meetings
  • Newsletters, website, emails