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Refer a Patient: Asthma Program


The Asthma Clinic at 5220 Claremont Ave. only sees patients who currently receive care at the Claremont Primary Care Clinic. Families should call (510) 428-3226 for an appointment.

San Francisco

1. Have your patient call 877-UC-CHILD:

Your patient can call 877-UC-CHILD (877-822-4453) now for an appointment. We can schedule the visit while you're preparing the referral – there’s no need to wait.

2. Download the referral form:

3. Gather patient information:

  • Relevant medical records, including test results and imaging
  • Patient's insurance card, front and back, and authorization if required

4. Send materials to us:

(415) 353-4485

Radiology imaging can be submitted electronically.

To refer a patient to a different clinic, look it up in our clinic directory or visit our main referral instructions page. Some clinics follow a different referral process. 

Need help?

Get help making referrals
Pediatric Access Center

(877) 822-4453 (877-UC-CHILD)

Fax Oakland: (510) 985-2202

Fax San Francisco: (415) 353-4485

Talk to a physician liaison
Physician Liaison Service

(800) 444-2559

(415) 353-4395