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Turner Wiley


Pediatric nurse practitioner
Musician, traveler, trivia enthusiast and friend of bees

About me

Pronouns: She | Her | Hers

Turner Wiley is a pediatric nurse practitioner who cares for children and their families before and after surgery for heart conditions, seeing patients in both the hospital and the clinic. She is passionate about helping parents understand their children's congenital heart defects (cardiac conditions present at birth) and what to expect from surgery or cardiac catheterization (a minimally invasive diagnostic or therapeutic procedure in which a thin, flexible tube is passed through blood vessels to reach the heart). She especially enjoys helping guide children who have single ventricle defects in their journeys as heart warriors.

Wiley earned her master's degree in nursing and doctor of nursing practice degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. She is certified in both primary and acute care pediatrics.

When not caring for patients, Wiley enjoys singing as well as playing piano and guitar.

  • Education

    Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, DNP, 2021

Where I see patients (3)

    Feeling at home

    From bedside bingo to therapy dogs, we're here to help kids smile and feel more like themselves.

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