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Shannon Lundy


Pediatric neuropsychologist
Mom of three, occasional chef, salt water devotee

Shannon Lundy is a pediatric neuropsychologist, a psychologist who cares for children and adolescents with medical conditions that affect brain development. She has expertise in pediatric oncology, central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) injuries, pediatric multiple sclerosis and neurodevelopmental disorders, such as neurofibromatosis. In evaluations, she aims to identify the child's neurocognitive strengths and weaknesses, gathering information that helps families, medical care providers and educators better understand the condition and its impact on daily life and development. Working with families and teachers, she develops supportive plans, tailoring recommendations on accommodations, services and interventions to each child's needs in the home, school and community.

At UCSF, Lundy serves as director of psychology for pediatric developmental medicine and as director of the Clinical & Translational Science Institute's Neurodevelopmental Assessment Program, which provides consultation and assessment services for research on pediatric patient care.

Lundy's own research interests include the long-term effects of treatment for childhood brain tumors on survivors. She is also interested in how early neurodevelopmental assessment and intervention impact children living in low-resource countries.

Lundy earned her doctorate in the combined clinical and school psychology program at the University of Arizona's, where she also completed a predoctoral internship in clinical psychology. She then completed a fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology at Cambridge Health Alliance and Boston Children's Hospital, affiliates of Harvard Medical School.

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    Associate Professor

I treat the whole child, addressing both the symptoms of your child's illness and the emotional, educational and social needs of your entire family.

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