At the time of discharge, you will be given a follow-up appointment with your child’s neurosurgeon. It will be approximately one to two weeks after surgery.

Before your child is discharged, you will be given specific instructions of wound care.

Your child may be given a prescription for pain medication before they leave the hospital. The prescription can be picked up in the pharmacy on the 1st floor of the hospital on the day of discharge.

There is usually a little swelling underneath the dressing, and it may be slightly stained with cleaning solution. The incision may also have a narrow area of redness around it.

However, please reach a member of our neurosurgical team if your child has following signs:

  1. Leakage of fluid from the incision.
  2. High fever
  3. Pain unrelieved by Tylenol
  4. Swelling

If you have any other concerns about your child’s well being after surgery please call our Neurosurgery Office, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 5 pm at (510) 428-3319.

After hours, call the Hospital Operator at (510) 428-3000 and ask for the Neurosurgeon on-call.

There will be regular outpatient follow ups with us for your child.