What is back pain?

Pain that occurs in either the upper, middle, or lower back area. Pain may stay localized in the back or radiate down one or both legs.

What causes back pain?

This pain can be muscular, neurologic, or systemic. Most cases are caused by muscular strain of the many large and small muscles in the back.


At onset, rest, and ice for 48 hours, then heat progressing to gentle movements to increase range of motion in a pain-free manner. Sleeping on your side with a pillow between the knees may ease the irritation. Progressing back to the sport begins with straight line activities, then progressing to cutting and changing directions.


  • Strengthening in the core which includes the low back and abdominals.
  • Keeping in shape with aerobic conditioning, pre-season and post-season.
  • Maintaining good flexibility with hamstrings, hip flexors and spine will decrease your chances for injury.


Hold For 30 Secs, 3 Reps
Hip flexor


2–3 Sets of 8–12 Reps
Single leg squats
Single leg bridge