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Refer a Patient: Congenital Heart Disease (Fontan) Liver Clinic

We specialize in treating children and adults with single ventricle heart defects and congenital heart disease. Screening may be done at least one year after the Fontan procedure or at any time pre- or post-Fontan for patients with suspected or known liver disease. We also accept patients with other types of congenital heart disease who are at risk for or dealing with liver disease.

Referral instructions

1. Gather required documents

  • A copy of your patient's insurance card and authorization, if needed.
  • Clinical documentation

2. Call us if you need help

  • Pediatric patient referrals: (415) 353-1235
  • Adult patient referrals: (415) 353-2873

3. Fill out the referral form

Download and complete our UCSF pediatric referral form. It's a fillable PDF, so you can complete it on your computer screen.

4. Send everything to us

Fax your completed referral form and documents to the appropriate number.

  • Fax for pediatric patients: (415) 353-2474
  • Fax for adult patients: (415) 353-2528

Need help?

Get help making referrals
Pediatric Access Center

(877) 822-4453 (877-UC-CHILD)

Fax Oakland: (510) 985-2202

Fax San Francisco: (415) 353-4485

Talk to a physician liaison
Physician Liaison Service

(800) 444-2559

(415) 353-4395