Orthopedics Center
Hear our patients and their families talk about the care they received at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital


Derrick Lee
Living donor liver transplant for biliary atresia
"The hardest part was the not knowing. Not knowing if he was going to be okay. Not knowing if he would get a liver. Initially we were put on the organ donation list. Kids get first priority, which was good. But Derrick was very sick. His doctors told us he'd need a new liver before his first birthday. We couldn't afford to wait."
— Robin Bridges (Derrick's mom)
Francisco Alvarez
Deep brain stimulation for dystonia
"It helped enormously that we met other parents at the hospital who'd traveled across the country to bring their children to UCSF for this procedure. Seeing them entrusting their children to the doctors at UCSF, gives you the strength to do the same. It also made us incredibly grateful to have such great care so close to home."
— Dora Alvarez (Francisco's mom)
Jasmine Castellano
Vertebral spine tethering for severe scoliosis
"She does everything she did before surgery and more. She swims, takes gymnastics and is beginning a karate class. To look at her you'd never know she had scoliosis or spine surgery for that matter. Of course, the doctors at UCSF will continue to monitor her as she grows. They might need to make some adjustments down the road. But so far, so good."
— Rochelle Castellano (Jasmine's mom)
Kimmy Ramirez
New treatment for cystic fibrosis
"Kimmy totally transformed. She looks like any other girl. She can participate in normal activities without being short of breath. In the time she's been on the drug, she's gone from spending every afternoon lying in bed to going to Zumba classes. She's become a typical 13-year-old. I am so happy."
— Wendy Vallejo (Kimmy’s mom)
Oscar Lagna
Inpatient drug therapy for chronic migraines
"Oscar is back to normal. He goes to school and ballet class, which he loves. I take solace in the fact that the experts at UCSF want to understand migraines, not just treat them. I love that Oscar is being cared for by one of the few groups in the country that is tackling this disease from a research perspective."
— Giorgio Lagna (Oscar’s dad)
Ron Pettway
Bone marrow transplant for myasthenia gravis
"On the day that he was discharged, the staff made a big banner. Everyone signed it. At the appointed time, everyone gathered in the hall, held up the banner and cheered as Ron literally ran out of his isolation room. Four months earlier he’d entered the room in a wheelchair. He was too weak to walk. Seeing him run out is something I will never forget."
— Jessie Pettway (Ron's mom)
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