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Megan Landavazo


Nurse coordinator
Gardener, yogi and local animal rescue volunteer

About me

Megan Landavazo is a nurse coordinator who cares for children with diseases affecting the muscles, bones and joints. With the goal of keeping her patients as healthy as possible, she provides medication approval, education and resources.

Landavazo earned her bachelor's degree in nursing at Samuel Merritt University, which at the time was affiliated with St. Mary's College of California.

In her free time, Landavazo loves to learn new things, explore new places and go camping. She is a wife, mother, and animal lover with three dogs, one cat and six chickens.

I have a passion for empowering patients to take control of their health through education.

Where I see patients (1)

    Smell the roses

    Wander outside into our Butterfly Garden in Oakland and our healing gardens at Mission Bay.

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    This provider is employed by a medical group affiliated with UCSF.