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Cathy Fujimoto

Pediatric massage therapist
Integrative medicine auntie and devoted dog mama

Cathy Fujimoto cares for infants and children whose well-being can be enhanced through massage therapy. She has been a certified massage therapist since 2006 and a hospital-based massage therapist since 2012. Incorporating various methods, she customizes each session to the patient's needs to provide non-pharmaceutical ways to manage conditions and symptoms such as pain, nausea, headaches, anxiety, digestive problems and stress. She specializes in massage therapy for patients with cancer or neurological challenges.

Fujimoto completed her massage therapy certification at the California Healing Arts College. She became certified to work directly with patients who have a variety of medical conditions through an integrative medicine program for massage therapy at Sutter Health’s Institute for Health & Healing. She is a certified lymphedema therapist and infant massage teacher.

For several years, Fujimoto worked as a massage director and therapist at a physical therapy center in Los Angeles. There, she discovered that she was most interested in applying her knowledge and skills in a rehabilitative setting, helping patients facing medical challenges that require extra comfort and care. She has also worked for the Women's Health Resource Center at California Pacific Medical Center (part of Sutter Health), consulted for Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco to pilot massage for cancer patients in the adult wellness program, and provided home visits with By the Bay Health to children receiving hospice and palliative care. At UCSF, she initially cared for patients in the hematology-oncology department, and is currently a member of the UCSF Integrated Pediatric Pain & Palliative Care team.

It's not about what I do for you. It's about what you and I do together to bridge the process. Healing is a partnership.

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