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Carolyn Tague


Massage therapist
Practitioner, teacher and champion of integrative massage

Carolyn Tague is a massage therapist who cares for patients with cancer, neurological issues or complex chronic pain, as well as those processing grief and trauma. She is proficient in a range of techniques, including Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy and somatic bodywork. She has provided massage therapy to hospital patients for more than a decade.

Tague earned her master's degree in East-West psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She completed more than 700 hours of classroom training in massage therapy.

Tague is a member of the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health. She contributes to its research on hospital-based massage therapy.

Tague is a member and preferred practitioner of the Society for Oncology Massage's education committee. She also provides continuing education courses for massage therapists and other integrative medicine practitioners through her own business, Tague Consulting.

  • Education

    California Institute of Integral Studies, M.A., East-West Psychology , 2005

Healing is an inside job. As a healing arts practitioner, I hope to encourage the process.

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    Saving future lives

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