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Brianne Gebhardt


Nurse practitioner
Midwest transplant with a California soul

About me

Pronouns: She | Her | Hers

Brianne Gebhardt is a nurse practitioner who cares for children needing blood or bone marrow transplants to treat cancers, blood disorders, metabolic disorders or other conditions. She has expertise in managing complications of transplantation and cancer treatments; these include various infections, hepatic veno-occlusive disease (in which some of the liver's veins are blocked), transplant-associated thrombotic microangiopathy (the formation of microscopic clots in small blood vessels, affecting red blood cells, platelets and organs) and graft-versus-host disease (in which stem cells transplanted from a donor attack the recipient's tissues).

Gebhardt earned a doctor of nursing practice degree at the University of Washington School of Nursing, followed by a one-year nurse practitioner fellowship in hematology and oncology and blood and marrow transplantation at Stanford Medicine.

  • Education

    University of Washington School of Nursing, DNP, 2018

These are some of the strongest kids you’ll ever meet, and I just know they’re going to change the world with this new opportunity they’ve been given.

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    From bedside bingo to therapy dogs, we're here to help kids smile and feel more like themselves.

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