Ernesto Gonzalez-Giraldo, MD

Epilepsy specialist
Pediatric neurologist

Dr. Ernesto Gonzalez-Giraldo is a pediatric neurologist who cares for children with epilepsy. He specializes in treating patients whose seizures have failed to respond to initial anti-seizure medications. He evaluates patients for epilepsy surgery, including the placement of devices that treat seizures by stimulating the vagus nerve or by responsive neurostimulation. He also has a special interest in treating epilepsy with the ketogenic diet, a low carbohydrate, high-fat diet that has been shown to reduce seizures in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy.

His research focuses on treating infantile spasms, a seizure disorder that arises in the first year of life and can severely impact development and cognition if not treated early. He also studies various anti-seizure medications and the ketogenic diet to evaluate their effectiveness in treating epilepsy.

He earned his medical degree from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He completed a residency in pediatrics at the Sinai Hospital in Baltimore and a residency in child neurology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He completed a fellowship in epilepsy at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

He belongs to the American Academy of Neurology and American Epilepsy Society.


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