If your child's covered by a Medi-Cal health plan, you may be able to arrange free transportation to and from their health care appointments. To qualify for a free ride, you must have no other way to get to the appointment.

This benefit applies to:

  • Medical appointments
  • Dental appointments
  • Mental health appointments
  • Substance use disorder appointments
  • Trips to pick up prescriptions or medical supplies

Transportation by wheelchair van, litter van or ambulance is also covered, if needed.

To arrange a ride, start by contacting your child's Medi-Cal plan provider (phone numbers are listed below) at least seven days before the appointment. Be sure to have your child's Medi-Cal insurance card number on hand when you call.

Alameda Alliance for Health: (866) 791-4158

Anthem Medi-Cal: (877) 931-4755

California Health & Wellness: (877) 658-0305

CalViva Health: (855) 253-6864

Central California Alliance for Health: (800) 700-3874, ext. 5625

Contra Costa Health Plan: (855) 222-1218

Health Net Medi-Cal: (855) 253-6863 

Health Plan of San Joaquin: (209) 942-6320

Health Plan of San Mateo: (844) 856-4389

Molina Healthcare: (888) 994-4833

Partnership HealthPlan of California: (888) 828-1254

San Francisco Health Plan: (415) 547-7818, ext. 7080

If you have questions related to your child's plan, please call the Medi-Cal service center at (800) 541-5555.

For more information and a list of transportation providers, visit the Department of Health Care Services website.