Ways to Add Calories in Baby Food

  • Prepare dry, iron-fortified baby cereals with liquid infant formula (or breast milk), not water.
  • Pureed meats, poultry and mashed egg yolk have more calories than strained fruits and vegetables. To prepare the egg yolk, start with a hard-boiled egg, mash the yellow yolk with formula or breast milk and mix until smooth. Offer pureed meat, poultry or mashed egg yolk at least twice a day. If your infant will not eat these foods alone, you may mix them with other foods that your baby likes.
  • Add one teaspoon of butter, margarine or vegetable oil to every 4 ounces of fruits, vegetables, iron-fortified baby cereals, or meats.
  • Add dry, iron-fortified baby cereal to pureed meats, poultry, egg yolk, fruits, and vegetables. Use 1 teaspoon of dry cereal for every 4 ounces of pureed food.
  • Sprinkle powdered baby formula into strained meats, poultry, egg yolk, fruits, and vegetables. Use 1 teaspoon of dry formula for every 4 ounces of pureed food.
  • Home-made pureed fruits and vegetables have more calories than purchased baby foods.

To make your own baby foods:

  • Use fresh, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • For fresh fruits and vegetables: Wash thoroughly and remove peels and tough skins.
  • Use canned or frozen vegetables with no additives and low in sodium.
  • Use canned fruits packed in natural juice or frozen fruits without added sugar.
  • Cook the fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables until tender.
  • Puree foods in a baby food grinder or food processor using a small amount of fluid to achieve the right consistency. Fluid should be formula or breast milk, not water. For every 4 ounces of prepared food, add one teaspoon of butter, margarine, or oil. OR you can add 1 teaspoon of dry iron-fortified baby cereal or powdered baby formula to every 4 ounces of your homemade baby food.