Aris Oates, MD

Pediatric nephrologist

Dr. Aris Oates is a nephrologist who cares for children with conditions that affect renal (kidney) function, such as acute kidney injury and nephrotic syndrome (disorder characterized by the excretion of too much protein in the urine). He also treats complex renal disorders and conditions that affect the urinary tract, such a kidney stones and hydronephrosis (build up of urine causing kidney swelling). He manages blood pressure and also treats children with fluid and electrolyte disorders.

In research, Oates focuses on improving patient health through information technology. Specifically, he brings together initiatives on quality improvement and patient safety to advance electronic health records, communication systems and health system data.

Oates earned his medical degree at Rush Medical College. He completed a residency in pediatrics and a fellowship in pediatric nephrology at UCSF.


Renal Center
1825 Fourth St., Sixth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94158
Phone: (415) 476-2423

Conditions & Treatments

  • Kidney Stones

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Rush Medical College 2010


UCSF, Pediatrics 2013


UCSF, Pediatric Nephrology 2016