Winter 2007

CME Courses

Title:   Risk and Resilience in Child Development: Perspectives from Attachment and Trauma Research in Regional Community
and Family Settings
Date:   Feb. 2, 2008  
Location:   UCSF Laurel Heights  
City:   San Francisco  
Title:   Developmental Disabilities: An Update for Health Professionals
Date:   March 6–8, 2008  
Location:   UCSF Laurel Heights  
City:   San Francisco  

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News Releases

UCSF Lands $1.4 Million Grant to Reduce Maternal Mortality Worldwide
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given UCSF researchers nearly $1.4 million to expand African research trials on an innovative anti-shock garment that aims to reduce maternal deaths in remote areas worldwide.

Overweight Teens Have More Heart Disease as Adults
A new study investigating the health effects of being overweight during adolescence projects alarming increases in the rates of heart disease and premature death by the time today's teenagers reach young adulthood.

Boys 3 Times More Likely to Have Growth Delay with Crohn's
The largest study ever conducted of the effect of gender in children with Crohn's Disease, a chronic intestinal disorder, has found that boys were over three times more likely than girls to suffer one of the condition's most devastating effects: the failure to grow normally.