Summer 2006

CME Courses

Title:   Obstetrics and Gynecology Update: What Does the Evidence Tell Us?
Date:   October 11–13, 2006  
Location:   Marines' Memorial Association  
City:   San Francisco  
Title:   Western Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology
Date:   December 2, 2006  
Location:   Crowne Plaza Hotel  
City:   San Francisco  

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UCSF Starts Pediatric Brain
Tumor Institute

Building on its foundation as a leading site for pediatric brain tumor research and care, UCSF has established a Pediatric Brain Tumor Institute devoted to understanding and developing new treatments for childhood brain tumors.

Health "Passport" Helps
Manage Care

UCSF pediatric oncology specialists have developed a new tool in an effort to address the needs of survivors of childhood cancer: a pocket-sized "health passport" the size of a credit card.